Crossingover LIVE-symposium in Vienna postponed to 2021 

Experience our renowned speakers! – Matthias Horx, Barbara Miller – and 18 others!




That is :

an initiative for fair & appreciative coexistence of all sexes in business and society. 

Join the growing twogether-community and be with us at the LIVE-symposium spring 2021!

Ten renowned women commit to men and engage in men’s and boys’ rights.

Ten renowned men commit to women and engage in women’s and girls’ rights.

Who is this symposium for?

– You stand for change and appreciate the development of new forms of society and work structures as well as individual life-concepts.

– You are convinced that emancipation can only be valid for all genders and together, so that individual people can live their existence in a way that suits them.

You are interested in common solutions and belong to the majority of those who value fairness and appreciation in the encounter between the sexes

You understand that the unique qualities of sexes are crucial when it comes to attraction, zest for life and complement.

You believe that future belongs to women and men, who together are open to looking beyond their own microcosm. 

Speakers and Lecturers

(Our Speakers for the LIVE-symposium, spring 2021)
For more information on the speakers and their topic, click on the corresponding photo!

Matthias Horx,  Trendforscher, Dozent und Autor

Mag. Monika Herbstrith-Lappe, Keynote-Speaker, Top-Trainerin, Autorin 

Nahed Hatahet, Transformationsexperte Keynote-Speaker, Mentor

Barbara Miller, Filmemacherin und Juristin

DI Klaus Podirsky, MA, twogether-Gründer,  Sozialpädagoge, Coach, Autor

Elinor Petzold,  Paar- und Sexualtherapeutin

Mag. Michael Ghezzo, Gründer von Confare, Initiator CIO-Award, Keynote-Speaker, Musiker

Mag.a Sandra Gaupmann, Psychologin im Strafvollzug in Stein, Personalvertreterin UGOED

Dr. Bernhard Kleemann, Gründer BVI 50Plus, Cross-Mentoring für Frauen in Führungspositionen

Mag.a Irene Fellner, Gründerin von Soul Sisters – Zentrum für Frauen in der Lebensmitte, Projektmanagerin

Mag. Hans Garstenauer, Gründer von QuiT – Qualität im Trennungsmanagement sowie ZAK – Zentrum für angewandte Krisenberatung 

Cornelia Cubasch-König MSc,          Imago-Paartherapeutin, Psychotherapeutin, Musik- und Tanzpädagogin

Jill Deimel,  Schauspieler, Liebes- und Mentalcoach, Autor

Teresa Allerstorfer, MA, MSc, Mitbegründerin der Plattform ChilliRabit, Werte-Coach im Bereich Krisen- und Konfliktmanagement 

Julia Monro, Menschenrechts-Aktivistin, Gründerin von

Bernhard v. Glasenapp, Unternehmer und Liebesforscher

Mag.a Hanna Milling, Mediatorin, Friedens- und Liebesforscherin

Peter Hudler MA, Cellist, Kammermusiker, Wiener Musikakademie

Univ.-Prof. Ulrich Kutschera, Evolutionsbiologe, Autor & Komponist

Dr. Georg Fraberger, Klinischer Psychologe,  Bestsellerautor, Motivationstrainer

(We are in the preparatory phase and will continue to expand and make many additions to this site.)

Cooperation and Cohesion Need a Public Platform!

“twogether” is a civil society initiative with the consolidation of coexistence, mutual understanding and trust between the sexes as its primary objective. This is to be accomplished by way of key events.

At these key, cultural events “twogether” puts an explicit
sign of “crossingover”:

Put an end to the small-minded “business as usual” approach to life and others
Men-commit-to-men respectively women-commit-to-women! –





Agenda items you can expect at the “twogether LIVE-crossingover” in the spring 2021

Top Talks

  • Open mind: not same, but equal
  • I’m ok, You’re ok
  • Empathy between man and woman
  • Panel discussions

Workshops & Communication

  • Coexitance of all sexes 
  • Understanding as the prerequisite for a successful coexistence
  • Commitment and self-efficacy
  • Autonomous versus capable of binding
  • Esteem and mindfulness

Attractive Side Events

  • Inclusive public participation
  • Space for personal meetings
  • Choreography work on reconciliation flashmob 
  • „# Female Pleasure – Male Pleasure“ (Teaser)
  • Live Music / Live Concert

Be LIVE at the
twogether crossingover” symposium in the spring 2021 – and change the world! 


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  • Klaus Podirsky
  • Monika Herbstrith-Lappe
  • Martin Fuchs
  • Lisa Theuretzbacher
  • Nahed Hatahet

Venue for the symposium 2021:
Austria Campus, Rothschildplatz 2, 1020 Vienna

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... what happened until now:

Crossingover ONLINE-event (15th of May 2020)

If You like, enjoy our INTRO-Video and find out who was representing until now. Watch as well 3 of the Video-Interviews for free and the compilation of all the other 12 interview-INTROs. Just follow this link.