THE WAY WE THINK (mission statement)


„twogether“ – Impulses for a New Together of Man and Woman

Cooperation and Cohesion Need a Public Platform

“twogether” is a civil society initiative with the consolidation of mutual understanding and trust between the sexes as its primary objective. This is to be accomplished by way of conferences and key events. These key, cultural events provide a platform for renowned personalities to set a strong impact for equivalence of the sexes. This is the special thing about the “twogether”-impulse and its events:

Men commit to women and engage in women’s rights
women commit to men and engage in men’s rights.

“twogether” promotes the sustainable possibility of building trust between men and women and the subsequent lessening of competitiveness and rivalry. Mutual support should strengthen relationships between the sexes that lead to a new quality of gender community from the outset.

Gender Reconciliation

“twogether” provides a platform for men and women to publicly address and achieve goals of reconciliation.

I’m ok, You’re ok

“twogether” is the seed that men and women plant together so that a strong tree of mutual esteem may grow for the benefit of our children and future generations.

Not Same, but Equal

The “twogether” movement regards serving as a catalyst for action on behalf of the silent majority as its most important objective. This silent majority is a population of men and women who want to find a new way to encourage and support individuals and families regardlesss of gender limitations and feminist or chauvinist opinions.

“twogether” understands that it is the unique qualities of both sexes that serve as a guarantor for enduring equality of the sexes. In this respect, “twogether” stands for adaptability and broadening of traditional social roles.

Looking over the Own Box the World Will Be Interesting First

Furthermore, “twogether” acts as an advocate for children, by helping them to grow in dignity today and in future.

Forgiveness is a Prerequisite for Healing

With its new appreciatively “crossover” and practical approach to both sexes at key cultural events, “twogether” is open to all people, but focuses primarily on those who adhere to and support the humanistic principles stated in the mission statement. It is necessary to restore a positive and healthy foundation between the sexes upon which men and women can be adequately prepared for the challenges of the future.

Compassion for Instead of Aggression Against the Opposite Sex

We are convinced that explicit and clearly formulated rules will protect this new “twogether” process, creating common ground between the sexes. We want to celebrate shared success instead of instigating rivalry. In order to facilitate positive developments to the changed culture between the sexes, “twogether” commits itself and obliges its speakers to comply with the following rules:

Mandatory Rules

For all key “twogether” events, the following must be adhered to: 

Mandatory:  Men are committed to womens’ rights and concerns, just as women are committed to mens’ rights and concerns.”
Prohibitted:  “Any form of verbal aggression, offensive insinuations, or accusations regarding the opposite sex will not be tolerated.”

Male Representatives:                                              Female Representatives:

Klaus Podirsky, Robert Pap                                                                        Evelyn Fischer